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Goals for May/June

So, we’re half way through the year. Wow, that went fast!

So, we’re half way through the year. Wow, that went fast! Unfortunately, I’ve been absent from the blogsphere and hardly online, I’ve been writing, editing and communicating with my editor. I am hoping to reset the schedule for blogging and interacting more in the second half of 2022. My focus has been on writing and little else, outside of work, and spending time family and friends.

The past two months have been productive and I am now working towards getting book 3 Minotaur’s Lair prepped for publication. More on that in future posts.

This is what I’ve been up to:

Personal Goals

  • Home and work balance
    • My work days are busy and cramming a lot into four days. The down side of not working full-time are the students who ask for my help when I’m not there. But that’s okay, we work around that. The past term I’ve managed to come home early, which has been nice. Next term, I’m back to late finishes.
  • Learn meditation
    • I’ve failed here. Still have the latter half of the year to turn this around.
  • Fitness
    • I did get COVID, which put a hold on my exercise and walking routine, however I added 270,000 steps, which is equivalent to 173km. Another 47km and I’ve walked the distance from London to Paris!
  • Photography
    • I haven’t used my day off to go and take photos. ☹

Professional Goals

  • Writing
    • I’ve begun editing Book 2 in the Coin of Times series titled The Parisian Secret. You can read the blurb in my previous blog post.
    • My editor has finished proofing Minotaur’s Lair, Book 3 in the Servant of the Gods trilogy. I’ll review the ms and triple check the story before publication. I’ll keep you posted on release date.
    • I’ve made no inroads into marketing, which is more important now that Book 3 is near ready for publication. I’d better get that sorted!
  • Teaching
    • I must admit, I’m enjoying teaching a little more this year than previous years. Quite happy to keep my part-time status.

Here’s a quote I found quite inspirational.

“Write what should not be forgotten.”

— Isabel Allende

What inspires you? Look forward to your comments.

Take care and stay safe.

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  1. Good movies. I just saw the Elvis movie and would highly recommend it. Great acting, creative way to tell an old, well-known story.

    1. Luciana says:

      Good to know. I was wondering whether to watch it. Mixed reviews.
      Thank you, Christine 🙂

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