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Goals for Mar/Apr

I am on adventure!

I am really behind on my blog posts. I meant to post this two weeks ago but a lot has been happening and hurting my back has set me right behind my schedule on many fronts. This was my preamble at the time I reviewing my goals for the past two months, nevermind that we’re over half way into May!

I continue to be amazed by how the cycle of historical events keep repeating. As a student of ancient history (I’ll always be a life-long learner), I can’t help but draw connections from the past to the present. What I don’t understand, and most likely never will, is how leaders of the world haven’t used the lessons of our world’s history to be better prepared for the likes of pandemics, Putin’s visceral intent of genocide and China’s economic war on the whole world. I think we should be looking after our planet as it’s the only one we have and we certainly don’t have the right to go terraforming on another planet and ruining that one as well. Enough of my diatribe and onto what I’ve been doing.

I have been very productive and while still taking on extra work at school, I am much happier with the balance between home and work, as you’ll soon read.

Personal Goals

  • Home and work balance
    • Working four days a week has worked out brilliantly. Initially, I wasn’t too happy about losing a day, reduction in pay and cost of everything is rising, however, within myself I am much calmer and less stressed.
  • Learn meditation
    • Haven’t started on this as yet, but have since learnt there are online meditation courses and will start there.
  • Fitness
    • I am pleased to report I have maintained my walk routine (not every day) and have now achieved 180,000 steps which is equivalent to120 kilometres.
  • Photography
    • Unfortunately, no photos. I may need to use my day off to go out and take photos.

Professional Goals

  • Writing
    • I have completed the first draft on Book 2 in the Coin of Time series. Woohoo! I’ve written a chapter summary, and started on planning for Book 3. I will set the ms aside for a bit before reading and editing. I’m having a few issues with a title for the book; can’t think of one … sigh
    • Book 3 in the Servant of the Gods series is complete and my editor is proof reading the ms. Now to brief the book cover designer.
    • Still no headway on the marketing strategies. I’ve been focussed on completing the draft of Book 2. I may now have a little time to check some strategies.
  • Teaching
    • This is going well and I am enjoying working four days a week. I still do after school activities with students, but it’s nice knowing I’ve a day off.

I like this quote by Lewis Carroll.

No, no! The adventures first, explanations take such a dreadful time.

Yep, I’m definitely on an adventure 😊 how about you, what adventure are you on?

Take care and stay safe.

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