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Book Review

A harsh environment, violent clashes between tribes and murderous behaviour.

A harsh environment, violent clashes between tribes and murderous behaviour. Prehistoric civilisation isn’t much different to what is happening today.

Against all odds is Book 3 in the Crossroads series by Jacqui Murray is the stunning conclusion to Xhosa’s and her tribe’s epic journey to find a place to call home.

I finished reading the book in a few days as I wanted to find out what happened to the plight of Xhosa and her growing tribe. Through treacherous terrain and deceitful tribal members, Xhosa epitomises what it means to be a leader with inner strength, loyalty and ensuring her people are cared for.

Life of prehistoric people are visually and viscerally captured in the narrative, so much so I felt as if I was part of the journey. Heart racing with the hunters as they stalked animals for food, feeling the freezing cold as Xhosa led her people through the mountains and the relief as they reached the other side of the great expanse of water.

There was always a hint of threat throughout the story, be it the environment, the search for food and water or being hunted by other human-like beings. Ms. Murray has written a story that encapsulates the experiences of what prehistoric people had to do to survive.

Fans of Jean Auel would certainly enjoy the Crossroads series and if you haven’t read prehistoric fiction before, I highly recommend you start with Survival of the Fittest, Book 1 in the series by Jacqui Murray. Once you are introduced to Xhosa and her people, you’ll be invested in their journey to find a new home. A must-read series.

Thank you for reading!

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  1. Thank you, Luciana, for your in-depth review of Jacqui Murray’s book, “Against All Odds.” This series sounds like an exciting prehistoric adventure. It appears that the themes of survival, conflict, and loyalty are relatable to a modern-day audience. I watched the trailer and am intrigued to read the series.

    1. No one really knows what makes us ‘human’ and Great Apes not. Every metric we come up with is broken by that genus. But, I think from the beginning of our existence, we’ve struggled with survival (an instinct), conflict (how to fight for survival), and loyalty (who’s a threat to our pack). I love exploring these in my series. Thanks for your comment, Linnea.

      1. Thank you, Jacqui, for your in-depth reply. What I look for in a story is a universal theme that is true throughout the ages. When I saw the highlight of your book, I thought of Ukraine and how people have to fight and flee to survive. I will be checking out your series and putting it on my reading list.

      2. Luciana says:

        I also think it’s innate to survive and humans are resilient as a species, though I wish some weren’t so destructive.

    2. Luciana says:

      The themes in the series are as prevalent today as they were in prehistoric times. Back then, you can understand why the people behaved the way they did. Sadly, greed and power drives what is happening in the world today.

  2. You have made my day, Luciana. You really understood this book. Thank you for the kind words.

    1. Luciana says:

      I loved the series, Jacqui. I got invested in the characters and how they were going to survive in harsh environments and threats.
      Thank you for writing Xhosa’s story 🙂

  3. G. J. Jolly says:

    I’ve known Jacqui since before she published her first fictional novel. She’s an inspiration to me because her first fiction didn’t appear until she was over the age of fifty. She’s given me hope. I read Survival of the Fittest, and hope to read the others in the series.

    1. Luciana says:

      She certainly is an inspiration, Glynis 🙂 I admire Jacqui and have read all her books to date so far. a little bit of a fan 😉

    2. It did take 25 years to get that first book out, Glynis, so you definitely have hope!

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