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temple of olympian zeus in athens greece

5 ways to survive Zeus’ wrath

Did Evan manage to avoid Zeus’ wrath?

person writing on a notebook beside macbook

My 5 top writing apps

Main writing apps I use

shallow focus photography of yellow black eyed susan flower

Goals for May/June

So, we’re half way through the year. Wow, that went fast!

silhouette of mountains during daytime

Blurb teaser

I finally have a title for Book 2 in the Coin of Time series!

body of water during dawn

Goals for Mar/Apr

I am on adventure!



orange and brown cave

Book Review

A harsh environment, violent clashes between tribes and murderous behaviour.

black and red typewriter

Publishing update

Good news for readers waiting for the final instalment of Book 3 Servant of the gods trilogy Minotaur’s Lair.